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Preparing for the Apprenti Aptitude Assessment

One of the requirements to qualify for an Apprenticeship or Pre-Apprenticeship program is to pass the Apprenti Assessment with a score of 85 or better. You can take the assessment up to 4 times and only your highest score is kept so if you get a little nervous about tests that should take some pressure off.

The Apprenti Assessment is a multiple-choice exam divided into 3 sections: math, critical thinking, and soft skills. If you take the assessment and you don’t like your score you do not have to wait to retest between your 1st and 2nd attempt. However, there is a 90-day waiting period for the 3rd and 4th attempt.

There are several strategies to prepare for and take the assessment. But, at a minimum you want to take a cursory look at the resources provided below. After doing so, you may feel comfortable with the topics and ready to jump right in and take the assessment or you may want to do some further study. Remember, you’ve got 4 shots at the exam so don’t feel like you’ve got to kill it on the first try or psych yourself out and never take it!

Taking the assessment multiple times is also looked upon favorably, since it shows your persistence and determination to get into the program!

We strongly recommend using the resources below to help you prep for the assessment.  Good luck! We’d love to see you in the program. 

You can find more information on our Career Programs on our website.

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