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TLG Pre-Apprentice Goes from Firearms to Firewalls

Brandon Lamkin had an easy transition from military to civilian life: he moved from Stryker maintenance in the United States Army Infantry to Stryker maintenance for a government contractor. Though the transition
was seamless, the 70-hour work weeks and heavy machinery took a physical toll. The flat career path and intermittent workflow were also unsettling. Still, he put his head down and gave the job 100% while also becoming a husband, a homeowner, and a father.

Two years into his tenure and weeks before the holiday season, Brandon’s misgivings suddenly materialized as his entire department was laid off. For most, this is when their story would begin to unravel. However, this is when Brandon’s story started coming together: he found Apprenti which opened the door to an IT Pre-Apprenticeship with TLG Learning. 

Brandon began the Data Center Technician Program in March of 2019. As if to test his commitment, his former employer soon called and offered to rehire him. The proposal was tempting, but he had already dedicated himself to a different career – one where he could use his head and not his hands. In May 2019 employers began calling TLG’s Placement Manager to inquire about possible candidates in the tech industry. After interviewing, Brandon ultimately accepted an offer from Seattle-based WatchGuard Technologies. He traded labor and long hours for a life of learning, troubleshooting, and problem solving.

WatchGuard, in turn, won an employee with Service and IT skills as well as the elusive traits of commitment and grit.