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Army Ranger Earns A Career In Tech

John Hession won’t be outworked. He took this ability to college and earned a degree in History, but he wasn’t sure what to do next. High school buddies of his who’d gone into military service told him to come and join them, and he did.  

John enlisted in the United States Army and earned the right to serve in the elite and notoriously tough Rangers. John enthusiastically served five years as an Army Ranger, including service in Afghanistan, and ultimately depositing him in the Pacific Northwest’s Joint Base Lewis McChord.

When the time came to either re-up or separate from the Rangers, John decided to seek out the next chapter in his life. With no real private sector work experience, he was lucky to make a connection with a local contractor. He worked in residential construction and framing while keeping an eye on his options. He learned that his boss had transitioned into construction after a successful career in tech.

The possibility of going into tech sparked John’s curiosity, and he started to look for paths for veterans to get into the field. After much research, he found Apprenti and TLG’s IT Pre-Apprenticeship to be his best bet. 

John joined TLG’s Network Development Engineer Pre-Apprenticeship in September 2019. Despite having no technical experience, John was able to apply the abilities that had served him as a Ranger – grinding through the challenging program despite the stressors of a career change and move over the holidays. 

John’s work ethic and determination paid off, and in January 2020, he was rewarded with a new tech job! John is a perfect example of the success that awaits those who are ready to work through the Apprenti and TLG IT Pre-Apprenticeship program.