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“There’s no finish line in a Tech career”

Kushal traveled from Nepal to East Texas to study and earn a B.A. in Journalism, after which he got enlisted in the United States Army. They assigned him to logistics, stationed him in Alaska, where this braveheart served for the next 4 years.

Kushal transitioned out of the service at JBLM in May of 2019. Transitioning in such close proximity to Seattle’s thriving tech sector, he realized a career in systems and software was attainable. In September 2019 he was accepted into TLG Learning’s IT Pre-Apprenticeship where he went from zero-to-sixty on Network Design Engineering fundamentals including Linux, Networking, AWS Cloud Practitioner and Python Scripting. By February he landed a contract working in one of Amazon’s Data Centers and by March he landed one of Amazon’s coveted Software Development Engineering Apprenticeships. This time he is going from zero-to-sixty on Data Structures, Algorithms, Java, and JavaScript.
Here’s what he has to share about his meteoric pace:

Why did you select TLG’s IT Pre-Apprentice program?

I came across TLG’s IT Pre-Apprentice program during a career fair session at JBLM. I found the program straight forward and had a very high job placement rate in the state. Besides, one of my friends who is also a military veteran had successfully transitioned into the civilian workforce through this program.

What has been the outcome (thus far)?

I’m currently a Software Development Engineer Apprentice with AWS. It has been a complete honor to work with talented AWS apprentices and learn new applications and language every day.

What advice would you offer anyone considering this track?

Tech is a great career and its constantly evolving. I will advise anyone to start from the basics and start learning because there is no finish line in this career. We all are in the same boat.

If you’re looking to transition into a career in IT, schedule a call with our team or click here to know more about our IT-Pre Apprenticeship Program!