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How Can I Start My Career in IT? – Apprenti Orientation

In August, Apprenti & TLG Learning partnered up to host an orientation about how you can start your career in IT.  Watch the entire video here or jump to different areas that you’re interested in. We’ve listed out key topics of interest for you below to pick and choose from. Use the time noted at the end of each topic header and jump to it in the video.  

  • Tech Workforce Shortage Happening Nationally (00:15) 
    • For Washington, there are over 8,000 skilled tech job openings 
    • Apprenti will place 600 tech apprentices in the next 4 years 
    • Apprenti is currently operating in 14 markets nationwide
  • IT Industry Characteristics & Challenges – Soft Skills that Apprenti Focuses On  (2:45) 
    • Intellectiual Curiosity 
    • Grit 
    • Collaboration 
  • What is a Registered Apprenticeship (6:14) 
  • Why Apprenti? (8:58) 
    • Relationship with employer partners and training providers 
    • Technical training & on-the-job-training  
    • Apprenti provides a proven reliable pipeline for underrepresented groups such as minorities, women, and veterans to gain training, certification, and placement within the talent-hungry tech industry 
  • Current Apprenticeship Occupations (10:44) 
  • The Apprenti Selection Process (12:40) 

  • TLG Learning is a Training Partner for Apprenti (24:04) 
    • TLG Pre-apprenticeship for Apprenti 
  • VA Educational Entitlements (38:05) 
  • VA Program Support for Apprenticeships (40:53) 

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