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Retail to AWS, Army Man Finds Home at Customer-Obsessed Amazon

James Vinciguerra studied Criminal Justice in college while beginning his career in retail. He moved his way up the ranks from clerk to store manager by demonstrating deep care for customer welfare and an owner’s mentality for business. When he decided to enlist in the United States Army, they plugged his talents into maintenance. As an NCO, he led and served to ensure that everyone had the equipment and supplies to keep the organization humming and thriving.

James is also a perennial planner and learner, so even as he was out-processing with the Army, he was planning and applying to IT training programs including Apprenti. He made the cut and in the last few months of his service, he doubled down by enrolling in TLG Learning’s Network Development Engineer Pre-Apprenticeship.

James started pre-apprenticeship in May of 2020 and as he was getting ready to graduate in August, he was invited to interview for an apprenticeship with Amazon. The technical work and career-readiness techniques covered in pre-apprenticeship helped James to demonstrate all of his strengths and qualities. Within a week of graduating, he was accepted into the AWS Technical Sales Apprenticeship.
James has the perfect background for customer-obsessed Amazon. Criminal Justice, retail, and Army maintenance have one underlying theme: service. Soon he’ll be applying his quick mind and service orientation to help customers find solutions in the AWS Cloud. Perfect match!