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Successful Army Cyber Ops Specialist Flourishes at Microsoft

This Will Be The Year!

What if one is successful in their current career, but they feel they can do more? Just stay put, or make the leap? That was Rubi Reeser’s dilemma.

Although this Army veteran studied Chemistry in college, she landed a job leveraging her leadership and logistics expertise. After several years of success in that role, she felt she should push harder. So, she rejoined the Army Reserves in a Cyber Ops capacity and put her sites on IT.

She found out about VET TEC and applied to TLG Learning’s Network Development Engineer IT Pre-Apprenticeship. She began the program in November 2020 and graduated in January 2021. While in training, she earned certifications in networking, operating systems, cloud services, and programming automation. With her newly upgraded resume and expanding professional network, she received a personal referral into Microsoft by fellow TLG Alumna, Shirley.

Following her training, Rubi had many professional options. Ultimately Microsoft’s mission, team, and culture beat out the competition and she accepted an offer as a Program Manager in the security space.

She summed up her journey best herself: “As unpredictable and outrageous as 2020 was, it will always be the year that I pursued training to redefine my professional success and get the career I’d always wanted.”