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Retired Army Vet Joins the TLG Learning Team!

TB After 23 years of service, Mick Farrell retired from the U.S. Army. His time in the military started in artillery and his career grew to experiences in logistics and corrections. He earned his Legal Studies degree during this time. 

“The path that led me to the [TLG IT Careers] program was not the usual one. I had experience with communication technology in the military and had a decent understanding of computers, but not much in the way of formal training. In preparation for retirement, I found that the pandemic was causing all sorts of issues for job seekers.  

I found out about TLG’s IT Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship programs while visiting the Hawk transition center at JBLM. I spoke with Mark Gorman [TLG IT Careers’ Educational Consultant] and decided to pursue the Network Development Engineer (NDE) Program which I completed in October of 2020. I figured that the NDE Program would give me in-demand skills in a field that interests me.” Mick said.  

Married with children, Mick mentioned that the biggest challenge for him in the program was the pace. It was quick, intensive training, and a lot of information to absorb – add that to the usual demands of family life it was a challenge, but one that he tackled gracefully. 

“What I enjoyed most about the program were the numerous ‘AHA’ moments when things ‘clicked’, and you gain a better understanding of how different things work together. I can say I learned more than I thought possible in the program.” Mick said.