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Overcoming Test Anxiety

A structured test environment may cause anxiety that feels overwhelming, but our team is dedicated to supporting you through the process and helping you overcome any test anxiety you may have. Our Instructor and Senior Network Administrator, John Kacmarynski, has shared a few tips and recommendations for overcoming test anxiety. Let’s look at a few of these tips together.  

Be Prepared 

Being prepared for your exam is more than studying the material- it is also knowing about your testing facility requirements and options. It may be helpful to travel to your testing building days before your exam to learn where to park and even learn where the bathrooms are found. If you are testing at a physical location, there will be a few rules that must be followed in order to take the exam. 

  1. No Electronics 

Phones will not be allowed at any testing sites. Many locations will give an automatic zero if you are seen on your phone within the testing rooms, even if all you are doing is checking the time.  

2. Some Accessories May Need to be Removed 

Some locations may require you to leave off your watches or take your glasses off briefly to show there is no form of cheating being used. If you wear religious headwear, some locations may ask you to pull it back in a private room before entering the testing classroom.  

3. Signing an NDA 

You may be required to sign an NDA before taking your exam, which will require you to sit and read the paperwork before the exam begins. This may mean you need to arrive at the facility earlier than anticipated to have enough time to properly read the paperwork.  

Know the Requirements for Online Testing 

Online testing facilities will have different rules than on-site testing locations. You may be required to take down any pictures or posters in your testing room that contain writing or unplug any secondary monitors. Testing off-site will require silence, so make sure you have a private space to take your exam without any interruptions or background noise.  

All the requirements for your third-party testing facility, whether it is online or in person, will be listed on the facility’s website.  

Have a Study Plan 

Waiting for the last minute to study may work for some, but for most people some study prep will be necessary for success. Allowing yourself to have adequate time to study, while still balancing proper sleep and rest, has been shown to increase your performance and decrease your testing anxiety.  

Testing anxiety is a common struggle for many, but there are plenty of easy to do options that will help you overcome your anxiety and achieve success with your exams.  

Check out the full video with John below: