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3 Ways to Upskill Yourself Today 

TLG Learning is getting results as one of the go-to training partners for top employers of coding bootcamp grads, according to a recent article in Fortune. TLG’s software and network development engineer programs are developed based on in-demand industry job roles and feedback from hiring partners.TLG is more than a ‘coding bootcamp’. We provide a programfor veterans and others to drive skill development and transition into mid-level tech careers. Investing in your skills development with TLG offers a path to career growth and financial stability. In today’s job market upskilling yourself has become crucial to future-proofing your career. TLG is devoted to your success! 

According to the Tech Jobs Report put out by CompTIA, some of the top tech positions for remote job postings are currently Software Developer / Engineer, IT Support Specialist, and Network Engineer among others. 

Investing in yourself is a sure way to prepare for the future. The market will ebb and flow and there’s no better time to level up your skills. You may discover a career path that you never imagined!  

 “But, how?” 

“Where do I start?”  

These may be some of the questions popping up for you. Well, we’re here to help. Here are 3 ways you can upskill yourself today. 

  1. IT Pre-Apprenticeship Programs 

We’ve partnered with Apprenti to introduce an IT pre-apprenticeship training program that helps you jumpstart the process to an IT apprenticeship or apply directly to a full-time IT career. We currently have two programs and both include one-to-one career planning and coaching until placement, introductions to partner employers, resume and cover letter writing methods and tools, interview prep and feedback session, and more.  

“I would meet weekly with Karise, TLG’s Placement Manager, and go over my resume and share job search results or jobs I applied to. She would also point me in the direction of job postings I missed and even reached out to her contacts to get in touch with me. This was actually a pleasant experience and more than I had expected as I had attended a school before and they were no longer supporting me as soon as I graduated. Karise’s assistance was like night and day in comparison,” James Melton, a 6 year navy vet’s feedback about job placement assistance with TLG IT Careers.  

Check out our current programs: 

  • Network Development Engineer  – Is a 13 week program that prepares students for job placement through a combination of intensive IT curriculum and career preparedness resources. You’ll learn networking fundamentals, essential Linux skills, architecting a solution, Python scripting for network automations, cloud computing, and business and career skills. 
  • Software Development Engineer – Is an 18 week software developer training and placement program that prepares students to confidently enter the workforce in a mid-tier role as a software developer or engineer. It provides students with hands-on opportunities to learn and practice software development skills in real-world scenarios. Students define a project, create user stories, architect solutions, write unit tests, develop code, define build and deployment pipelines, and more. 

“Do it! I have classmates and teachers [from TLG IT Careers] that I communicate with to this day. The network of jobs, knowledge, and resources will never be matched anywhere else.” Travis Taylor, a former Army small arms repairman and recent TLG IT Careers Network Development Engineer (NDE) IT Pre-Apprentice graduate’s words of advice to anyone considering the IT pre-apprenticeship route.  

Determination launches Army vet into tech


    2. IT Apprenticeship Programs 

Land an IT apprenticeship with Apprenti. Once apprenticeship opportunities are available with a participating hiring partner, candidates are interviewed by Apprenti and if selected will then move on to employer interviews. Acceptance into the Apprenti program is contingent on being interviewed, selected, and hired by the hiring company. If the candidate is selected by the hiring partner Apprenti will notify the candidates and register them as apprentices. The apprenticeship begins with full-time technical training followed by a one year of paid on-the-job training. At the completion of the program, apprentices receive a portable credential and the opportunity to be retained by the employer.

    3. Certificate Trainings & Courses 

Maybe a complete career change isn’t what you want or you’re already in tech, but you’d still like to upskill. We also offer certification programs and courses in a variety of topics. Everything from Amazon Web Services (AWS), F5 Networks, and CompTIA to data visualization with Power BI, and desktop applications like Microsoft Excel and Teams. Check out our full course catalog

Whatever your journey may be, we’re here to help you build the career you want and need. Have questions? Want to learn more? Schedule a meeting with one of our career counselors to discuss starting your IT career.  

Follow along in the coming months to learn a little bit more about each of our TLG IT Careers programs. Let’s get through this together.  

To learn more about your options with TLG IT Careers, check out our site or schedule a meeting with one of our Educational Consultant to discuss your unique needs. Let’s see if a Software Development Engineer IT apprenticeship or IT pre-apprenticeship is right for you!