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Coast Guard Yeoman learns the ropes in tech

Let us introduce you to Spencer Mora. Spencer is a man of grit, after years of struggle he was able to land on his own two feet and joined the U.S. Coast Guard. Serving honorably for almost 4 years as a Yeoman, he was deeply entrenched in HR work with verifying and auditing payroll, managing benefit requirements, and handling policy mandated employee documents. Additionally, he provided training and direction to members on insurance benefits, pay discrepancies, and such. 

Over time, Spencer realized he had come to a crossroads in his life. He wanted to continue to grow and better his life so he figured he should shake things up a bit. He knew he was good on a computer and saw that the tech field of work was quickly rising and knew that he wanted to get in as quickly as he could. Serendipitously, his co-worker recommended that he look into TLG IT Careers’ Network Development Engineer (NDE) IT Pre-Apprenticeship and the rest, as they say, is history. Spencer dedicated himself to the training, fell in love with the world of networking, received a job offer before finishing his apprenticeship, and now thoroughly enjoys the work that he does.

Could your story be like Spencer’s story? Read our interview with Spencer below for insight to what his job search experience was like and how he overcame hesitations and doubts. 

Did you know which route/direction you wanted to go in before starting (software vs. network)?

I had no idea which route I wanted to go in. I was just looking to get my foot in the door and ended up going with networking. I really enjoy network work.

Did you have any hesitations and doubts about joining the program? 

Yes I did, but after joining a cohort with TLG and learning from the great mentors I became accustomed quickly to the work. The best part about it all was knowing that if I could do the work and obtain the certifications then I would have tremendous help after the classes with job placement. 

What was the biggest challenge for you during the program?

All of the acronyms. Also, Network+. There’s a lot to learn. 

What did you enjoy the most during the program?


What would you say to someone debating on joining the NDE IT Pre-Apprenticeship? 

I would say that you should talk with the people that work for TLG and connect with previous graduates to hear what they have to say. At the end of the day, no matter if you want to choose a different path, at least you are able to obtain valuable certifications to get you started in any tech field.

If you had one piece of advice for someone newly entering this program, what would it be?
Dedicate a lot of time to studying and job searching. Learn about the different roles that you can fill after completing the course so you don’t go into it blind. The courses are only around 3-4 months long. So make the most of it. 

What did your job search look like & what are you doing now?

I looked for any entry level IT job. I ended up accepting an offer from Comtech Telecommunications Corp. I work in a NOC (Network Operation Center) as a Network Analyst. 

My best advice is to ALWAYS call the place you are applying to, try to get someone in a management position on the phone. It’ll make you look good for taking initiative.  

I’m currently working on my CompTIA Security+ certification.

Is there anything that you would have done differently on your path to tech?

 I wouldn’t say so. I love my job now, I couldn’t ask for a better schedule or better co-workers.

Is there anything surprising to you about working in tech that you didn’t expect? If so, what?

Most people you talk to will be solidified with many years of experience and full of information. Learn from them and ask a lot of questions. You will make many mistakes. As long as you learn from those mistakes then it is perfectly fine. 

What’s in your future? Future goals, etc?

 I would like to move up in Comtech, not sure what position but just to move up.



Congratulations, Spencer! We’re so excited that you found a career path that you’re genuinely excited about and admire your commitment to continued learning. You’ll go far!


To learn more about your options with TLG IT Careers, visit our site or schedule a meeting with one of our Educational Consultant to discuss your unique needs and to determine if an IT apprenticeship or IT pre-apprenticeship is right for you!