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For Employers

TLG has developed curriculum in conjunction with industry leaders like Amazon to develop the next generation of Cloud IT Professionals. In working closely with employers, a common pain point we hear is the ability to hire enough skilled staff. TLG can be a pipeline for new talent sought by employers.

TLG’s cohort-based training programs run both as dedicated classes for a specific employer who is skilling up a group of their own staff or apprentices and as “public” cohorts where students seek employment post-graduation. You can find many of our graduates working at companies like Amazon, Blue Origin, Leidos, Microsoft, and VMWare to name just a few.


A Unique Talent Acquisition and Development Partner

Did you know that you can hire our grads and work with us at no cost? As a unique talent acquisition and development partner, TLG knows where to find the grants and additional funding to cover the cost of training your organization. If you have a need for skilled cloud talent, TLG has built proven cloud staffing pipelines for companies like Amazon, Oracle, Leidos, Microsoft, and VMWare.

Facts about TLG Learning’s candidate pool:

  • Nearly all are United States Military Veterans
  • All are authorized to work in the U.S.
  • All have completed prerequisite assessments in Math, Communication, and Critical Thinking
  • All have completed Behavioral Interviews with TLG Learning staff
  • All have completed ongoing individual and team-based projects
  • All come from diverse backgrounds, thus helping organizations meet and exceed their DEIB initiatives
  • All are trained to become immediately productive, demonstrated by the number of alumni working at Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, and more.
  • Many have security clearances ranging from Secret to TS/SCI with Full Scope Polygraphs
  • Many are available to relocate to your HQ.


IT Talent Connection

Shape your IT dream team with our dynamic pool of recent IT graduates! Harness their enthusiasm, adaptability, and strong technical expertise to drive your company’s success in a rapidly evolving digital world. 

Finding Talent

We are trusted to train thousands of students and veterans each year in the latest IT technologies. By utilizing this pipeline, we have the exceptional opportunity to consistently pinpoint and recruit exceptional individuals who possess the zeal and potential to become highly-skilled technology experts. Additionally, we are able to allocate resources towards tailored training programs in order to aptly address our clients’ unique workforce requirements.

Training the Future Faces of IT

Our students embarking on an IT career are introduced to rigorous and practical training programs led by experienced engineers. These programs are designed to equip students with industry certifications, molding them into confident IT professionals. By seamlessly blending into your team, these well-prepared individuals make immediate and significant impacts on your projects, starting from their very first day.

Bridging the Talent Gap

We are dedicated to ensuring that our graduates not only possess the knowledge and expertise required for the job market but also have a direct pathway to fulfilling employment opportunities. We collaborate with industry partners, leveraging our extensive network and expertise to create connections and secure placements for our graduates in their chosen fields. With TLG Learning, your journey doesn’t end with graduation; it begins with a promising career that’s right around the corner.