IT Pre-Apprentice Program

Interested in a career in IT? TLG’s Pre-Apprentice Program/IT Career Program may be just what you are looking for.

TLG Pre-Apprentice Program

IT careers are one of the fastest growing areas of the economy and career prospects are excellent. Getting the recognized skills to land a job can be tough though. TLG has partnered with Apprenti to introduce a Pre-apprenticeship program to help you jump start the process  to an IT Apprenticeship or direct to an IT Career.

Who Can Apply?

Application to the Pre-Apprenticeship program is similar to the Apprenti application process. You do not need IT experience to be accepted into the program. Anyone over 18, with a high school diploma or equivalent, a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (and if a veteran – must have other than a dishonorable discharge), can apply for the program by taking the online assessment. Apprenti on-line assessment is required.

How to Apply?

Take the Apprenti online Aptitude Assessment. You must have a minimum score of 80% to be eligible to apply to the TLG Pre-apprenticeship program. Once you have a qualifying score, you may pre-register for the program, and you will be contacted for an interview. Candidates who pass the interview will be accepted into the IT Pre-Apprentice program. TLG’s interview and program acceptance also qualify you for Apprenti employer interviews at the successful completion of the program.  (If you are accepted into the Apprenti Apprenticeship program in the meantime, you will be un-enrolled in the Pre-Apprenticeship program and enrolled in the Apprenti program, unless you choose to stay in the Pre-Apprenticeship program).

Help me get started

Schedule an appointment with one of our counselors using the button below or provide your contact details and we’ll get right back to you.

How Does the Pre-Apprenticeship Work?

The Pre-apprenticeship program offers you the advantage of scheduling your classroom training to fit your schedule. When you pre-register for the program, you will be scheduled for a series of  interviews. A successful interview at each stage will guarantee the next stage:

  • An interview with a TLG program administrator.
  • Pre-Apprentice candidates with a successful interview are pre-qualified for Apprenti employer hiring interviews. This stage takes place after the successful conclusion of the classroom training.

You will then be enrolled in accelerated Instructor-led classroom and hands-on technical training full-time. The length varies from three to four months depending on your IT specialty, and you will earn industry recognized certifications. Following successful completion of the Instructor-led training and successful hiring partner interview, you will enter the next 12 month paid On-the-Job-Training (OJT). During this time, you’ll be working with a mentor at the hiring company who has been assigned to you. At the end of your 12-month OJT, you’re eligible, and encouraged to apply for the role at “journey” level.  If an Apprenti employer apprenticeship interview is not immediately available at the end of the training, TLG Learning will work with you through the training to prepare for employer interviews and will arrange a minimum of three direct IT Career interviews.

Available Apprentice Programs

How Much Will It Cost?

The Pre-apprenticeship program is eligible for GI Bill funding. The costs will vary based on the course you enroll in.

Can you apply directly for a full time position as an alternative to an apprenticeship?

After graduation, you have the opportunity to apply directly to a full-time position rather than the apprenticeship.

TLG will provide resume and interview preparation, an opportunity to create your own job portfolios, LinkedIn profile & professional websites as well as video resumes for students interested in applying directly for other IT positions.

If this program sounds like a fit for you, you can complete and return the pre-registration application. You will be assigned a queue number, and an interview will be scheduled. You will be contacted to complete a full registration when we get closer to the start of the cohort you are applying for. You may withdraw your pre-registration at any time with no penalties.