IT Apprenticeship Program


Qualified candidates enter this 11-18 week program as part of a 1-year apprenticeship with a participating employer. Successful graduates will join the sponsoring employer as a paid apprentice following the training and start earning at 60% of the positions prevailing wage. In this program, your tuition is underwritten by the employer and Apprenti.

IT Pre-Apprenticeship Program


Qualified candidates enter this 11-18 week program to prepare for an apprenticeship and/or gain the necessary skills for a career in the IT field. Specific apprenticeships or job opportunities may be identified during the program. Graduates are guaranteed an interview with Apprenti and accepted candidates are immediately qualified for apprentice positions with participating employers

Vendor Certification Programs


If you have a background in IT and are pursuing industry certification TLG offers several certification programs through our public class offerings.  TLG is a Washington State Private approved Career School and prepares students for a number of industry certifications including; AWS, CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, ITIL, F5, Security, and Project Management.