Apprenticeship Program

Qualified candidates enter this 11-13 week program as part of a 1-year apprenticeship with a participating employer. Successful graduates will join the sponsoring employer as a paid apprentice following the training and start earning at 60% of the positions prevailing wage. In this program, your tuition is underwritten by the employer and Apprenti.

Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Qualified candidates enter this 11-13 week program to prepare for an apprenticeship and/or gain the necessary skills for a career in the IT field. Specific apprenticeships or job opportunities may be identified during the program. Graduates are guaranteed an interview with Apprenti and accepted candidates are immediately qualified for apprentice positions with participating employers

Vendor Certification Program

If you have a background in IT and are pursuing industry certification TLG offers several certification programs offered through our scheduled public class offerings.  TLG is an approved Career School and prepares students for a number of industry certifications including; CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, ITIL, F5, Security, and Project Management.

Cloud careers are one of the fastest growing areas of the economy and career prospects are excellent.  Getting the recognized skills to land a job can be tough.  TLG’s Apprentice and Pre-Apprentice Programs are delivered in partnership with the WTIA, local hiring employers, and government agencies.

  • “I really enjoyed how the TLG instructors were able to relate concepts to real life scenarios.  The program guided me through a lot of information that would be nearly impossible to get through on my own.  The program quickly got me to a functional level that allowed me to be hired immediately following the program as an Associate Systems Engineer apprentice.  I continue to grow my skills on the job and look forward to a long career in IT. “

    Mahad Mohamed
    Associate Systems Engineer
  • “Do it! If you really want a career in this industry you’ve got to dive in head first and take the plunge. Expect and even WANT to make mistakes, especially in the beginning. Mistakes are one of, if not, THE best way to learn.

    I really enjoyed the mini “bootcamp” that Michelle put together … it gave me the edge to succeed and I use the lessons I learned every day in my current position as a Software Engineer.”

    Roscoe Bass
    Software Engineer
  • “The TLG instructors were welcoming and supportive which made for a great learning experience. The opportunity is worth it!! You will be challenged every day but don’t doubt yourself. The personal growth is nearly limitless.  Remember that no matter how large the task is you can always break it down into smaller and more manageable pieces.  I am now working as a Cloud Support Associate.  Thank you TLG!!”

    Scott Stone
    Cloud Support Associate